“Digging Deep”: Book Party & Giveaway

“Digging Deep”: Book Party & Giveaway

Although I've not yet had the pleasure of meeting Fran Sorin in person, I've known her online via our garden writing community for quite some time now.  Back in 2004, she wrote a book called "Digging Deep: Unearthing Your Creative Roots Through Gardening" — and it turned out to be a groundbreaking work in our industry. Yes, gardening is a wonderful hobby, but Fran so beautifully and wisely shows us how this humble activity can have a profound grounding affect in our lives. So, when she asked me to be a part of the 10th Anniversary Edition Cyber Book Party (with giveaways!) — of course, I was thrilled. the cover of "Digging Deep: Unearthing your Creative Roots Through Gardening" Many of you who have been reading my blog for awhile know that I was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer a little over 2 years ago, and underwent 2 surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation to rid my body of the disease. Today, I am cancer-free and very thankful that I live in a time when this disease can be treated (if not cured), but the process of healing and recovery has been long and challenging. Cancer hits you in every way it possibly can — physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. While I will never be the same Jenny as I was before my diagnosis, in many ways, I am better — and for that, I give thanks. Gardening has been a balm for my life while I have been on this journey of healing and reclaimed health — although I'm a landscape designer, the actual act of working in my own garden has proven to be lifesaving for me. Fran's book speaks to this essence of the garden, and because of that, I feel as though Fran and I are soul sisters (I truly can't wait to meet her in person). To celebrate the 10th Anniversary Edition of her beautiful and moving book, Fran and several other garden friends and I are hosting a party on our blogs, starting today, Tuesday, December 2  and ending Monday, December 8th at midnight EST. There are several garden gifts that you can win, and each of the participating bloggers have the same gifts/prizes on their sites, so you have 8 chances to win them! Now, here's the skinny:
  1. During the giveaway time only, Fran is pricing the e-book version of Digging Deep at .99 for our readers. You don't have to do anything to get this special price; simply click the link and add it to your cart.
  2. The first prize is an assortment of Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds - 19 hand picked varieties of veggies and flowers- valued at over $50, along with a 3 pack selection of Authentic Haven Brand Tea.  Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company carries over 1700 varieties of open pollinated herb, vegetable, and flower seeds (all are non-treated, non-hybrid, non-patented), and Authentic Haven Brand Tea (affectionately called Moo Poo Tea)  is a  premium soil conditioner that is  safe for all gardens, indoor plants and soil types — also made in the USA from cow manure, horse manure and alfalfa.Baker Creek seed packets
Authentic Haven Brand compost tea bags

3.   The 2nd prize is 4 planters/containers- (retail $149) from Nature Innovations — these planters are made in the USA out of high density polyurethane and molded from live trees — no actual trees were harmed in the making of these products! I love the organic look — that birch planter is to die for. 1 small 4" vertical oak planter 1 11" long horizontal planter 1 medium 8" vertical birch planter 1 medium 13" horizontal oak planter

Nature Innovations planters

4. All you need to do to be eligible to win on my blog is leave a comment below on how gardening is good for your soul. My winners will be chosen at random and announced on Tuesday, December 9, 2014. Please be sure to leave contact info so I can get a hold of you in the event that you win! You'd be surprised how many times participants leave only their name, no email, so I am forced to choose another winner. Please don't let that happen to you! 5. Vist the blogs of my friends and colleagues listed here — the prizes are the same, giving you extra chances to win them!

 Dee Nash - Red Dirt Ramblings

 Helen Yoest- Gardening With Confidence

 Rebecca Sweet- Harmony in the Garden

 Brenda Haas- BG Garden

 Debra Prinzing- Debra Prinzing

Fran Sorin - Gardening Gone Wild

Jan Johnsen- Serenity in the Garden

I hope you join us in this celebration — it's not just the celebration of a lovely book, but of lives well lived, health regained, happiness reclaimed and balance restored — all through digging deep and getting grounded in our gardens. Good luck to you all!    

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  1. Kathleen says

    This is my time. Dig out the stress of family care taking then seed and flourish new pedals of color and spirit into my mind,body and soul. When I lived coastal I would walk and let the sea swells renew,refresh me.

  2. Robin says

    you know I’m all about Getting Grounded! Sign me up, thanks! Think I’ll pop over and purchase that awesome book deal, too.

  3. says

    Wonderful to hear gardening has provided relief for you in your healing process.
    I walk in the Relay for Life every year now in memory of friends and family who have lost their battle against cancer and in honor of those who continue to fight back in hope someday soon we will find a cure . Thanks for sharing your experiences providing inspiration & hope!

  4. says

    When life seems too hurried or stressful, I go out to my small patch of earth and allow myself to feel rooted again. Fresh air, blooming or aromatic plants, nature’s insects & birds and my garden cats always make me feel so blessed. Sending you healing prayers for continued good health!

  5. says

    I wouldn’t be here I don’t think if it wasn’t for my garden. It has been my solace, my healing place. Where I create from, and go to find my inner peace. I write about the many lessons I have learned there and since retiring it has helped me as I heal from illness and the effects of years of stress. Fran’s book is a perfect read for anyone gardener or not. Thanks for being part of this giveaway too. It is so wonderful to see the blogging love come out!

  6. Darla Anderson says

    Playing in the dirt is truly good for the soul. It doesn’t matter if it’s just in a few pots on a small patio or if its get in the ditch, down and dirty.

  7. Deb L says

    Gardening is in my blood – I find it connects me to my ancestors and certain plants remind me of them. Nothing beats venting some stress like pulling weeds or pruning vigorous hedges. I enjoy trying new things – gardening gives me that in my own back yard.

  8. Jen Y says

    I’ve always known that gardening or just being in a garden is good for my soul – I truly don’t know how I would live without it. I spend time outside every single day no matter what the weather & enjoy each season in the garden.

  9. Will says

    When I garden the whole world disappears. I’m so present in my body, my mind quiets, and I feel the creativity flow like it rarely does at other times. If that’s not good for your soul, what is? Thanks for the great giveaway!

  10. Jennie Brooks says

    Gardening is good for my soul in ways I’m probably not even aware of. It gives me time to let my mind wander; but on the other hand, it’s an escape from what’s troubling me when I can focus on what to plant where, when to harvest what, the people I will give my extra veggies to . . . I could go on and on.

  11. says

    I can’t imagine life without a garden whether I am well or am battling something such as you did. I know the garden would be there for me. Unfortunately I don’t have an ipad so can’t sign up for the book. So glad your garden was a comfort for you during those stressful times.

  12. Cathi Lamoreux says

    The connection to nature is so strong that none of us can withstand the pull to get outside.

  13. Elena Williams says

    Gardening takes me away from the everyday stress of life. Fresh air and sunshine feed my soul. Healthy food nourishes the body later. I. Have been a gardener as long as I can remember. It is a part of me.

  14. says

    Dear Jen,

    Beautiful post. Thank you.

    Good luck with the giveaway. Believe me, if I could sign-up, I would. These are awesome prizes…xxoo-Fran

  15. Debi Deason says

    Gardening has been a big part of my being able to go from working full time all my life to not being able to work (due to MS). I have always loved to garden, and my limited physical abilities have made me find creative ways to continue to do it. I feel calm and happy in my garden!

  16. Suellen Jennings says

    My grandfather was a farmer/pastor. So working with dirt is in my blood. I feel a great connection to him when I garden.

  17. Pam Jara says

    For me the garden can make all the stress of the day disappear. Whether it’s digging, moving, snipping or just admiring the growth, the changes in the seasons, it all makes the day a positive one.

  18. says

    My favorite part of the day is heading out into the garden first thing with a mug of hot tea. Sometimes I surprise the deer, a fox, or a flock of birds. It is all beautiful no matter the weather.

  19. Me@amberwiseman.com says

    I have depression and I really love working out in the garden it just makes my day to see a new sprout or a flower or a bug coming out. That is how gardening is good for my soul.

  20. Christina says

    Gardening reinforces my connection to nature and helps relax me. Watching plants go from seed to mature plant never ceases to amaze me.

  21. says

    I do a lot of my gardening on my knees and find it is the perfect position for reflection – and idea generation – with my fingers and nose down in the soil.

  22. Tom Mann says

    Love these giveaways all of you are promoting. Gardening is an escape, even when just a few moments at a time. Good luck to everyone, and thanks for the chance.

  23. says

    Thanks for being one of the hosts of this wonderful cyber party, Jenny. I retired to garden nearly 10 years ago, leaving a VERY stressful job. Gardening has totally taken away all that stress, and continues to heal the body and soul of this ‘elderly’ gardener. Not only through playing in the dirt, but writing about gardening, teaching gardening, and sharing my garden with like minded folk. Just off to take a look at your book on Amazon — already took advantage of Fran’s offer there. P. x

  24. Ari H says

    My 16 month old son helps me in the garden and it makes me so happy! While I’m weeding and tending to my “other babies” he explores the textures and smells of the plants and soil. Then we get cleaned up and eat the fruit and veggies of our labor!

  25. says

    Gardening does so many things for me – I pray while doing repetitous jobs; I work out frustrations with heavy jobs, such as shoveling or digging holes; I meditate and enjoy nature while I rest. And, not only does gardening benefit my soul, it benefits my body with plenty of exercise. Thanks for hosting!

  26. says

    I am so glad to find you. I want to read your blog and learn more about your story. Gardening is where I have learned about hope. I write about this on my gardening blog. I’ve experienced many losses, most currently walking Mom through her Alzheimers. I have loved getting to know the gardeners online since starting my blog. Amazing group of generous souls.

  27. says

    Mary, Mary quite contrary
    How does your garden grow?
    In lovely log containers,
    from seeds that do not contain GMO’s.
    A garden that has been sown,
    to make homegrown foods with ingredients that are known;
    not created in a test tube
    or made from ingredients that are found in oil lube!

  28. Deirdre says

    I recently earned the Master Gardener certification, and have met so many wonderful people through volunteering at a local nature preserve’s woodland garden.

  29. says

    Gardening is good for your soul, there are many published articles on the health benefits of gardening. I see it at my office where I facilitate a gardening club. Whenever I bring in free seeds or plants, it brightens up their day and encourages them to garden. I also see it when I bring in fresh flowers for my desk every week, it changes people, makes them smile and then they start to bring in plants and flowers!

  30. says

    How gardening is good for the Soul… through the act of participating with soil, water, plants, and air our soul is immersed in one of the most basic practices on earth – connection with the Spirit of Oneness.

  31. Rebecca A Behar Johnson says

    Gardening. I think about it as I fall asleep, and muse over it as I wake up and check the weather. There’s almost nothing that thrills me so much as seeing things grow!

  32. says

    Gardening calms my roller coaster brain. I can work out my ideas, stresses, and frustrations digging and planting. And when the occasion warrants, lots of prayers get said at the same time.

  33. Betty C says

    Gardening is both relaxing and energizing. It’s exciting to see the first blossoms on my tomato plants and so relaxing so sit in my lawn chair and eat a warm tomato straight from the garden.


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