Longfield Gardens Flower Bulbs Giveaway

Longfield Gardens Flower Bulbs Giveaway

Update: Congratulations to Barbara Wise, our winner of the Longfield Gardens Flower Bulbs Giveaway! And thank you all for participating! I love flowering bulbs, whether they are nestled in with other perennials or added to container plantings. So when I was asked to host a  Longfield Gardens flower bulbs giveaway, of course I said yes. And, to make things even more interesting, I was asked to create a small bulb garden design, using pink and white flowers in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Most of you know that I was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2012, so any opportunity I can take to help those going through the same diagnosis is one I will take. So, let's get to it! Pink and white bulb garden featuring center heart   My design is centered on a pink heart created with two different tulip varieties. I know a pink ribbon is very recognizable, but 1) a ribbon shape would be more difficult to plant and 2) I wanted to do something a little different. Here are the flower bulbs and other plants I used in my design: Rosemary 'Tuscan Blue': Upright rosemary is one of my favorite plants; my garden will never be without it. Sturdy branches, aromatic leaves, easy care and great for cooking, rosemary is perfect for nearly any garden. In this design, they stand like sentries in each corner. And there is a symbolic reason I chose them for this design as well -- many plants have traditional meanings attached to them, and in the language of plants, rosemary means "remembrance." Since we are honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month, these plants are perfect for remembering your own cancer journey or that of a loved one. It's a subtle way of adding another layer of meaning to an already meaningful garden. Tulip 'Angelique'Angelique is a gorgeous, late spring blooming tulip with double, ruffled petals in a soft pink. They grow up to 12" tall and have good heat tolerance, too. I used them in the center of the heart shape. Tulip 'Havran': Havran is a dramatic tulip with a dark eggplant color and, being a mid-spring bloomer, these will begin to pop up just before the 'Angelique' tulips. I surrounded the heart with this tulip to add some intensity and contrast -- and to keep things from being too pinky-sweet. Crocus 'Jeanne de Arc'This white flowering crocus surrounds the base of each of the corner rosemary plants, and with their diminutive 4" height, they are all kinds of adorable in a small package. I love using white to add contrast and to cool off strong colors like pink and eggplant. Ranunculus 'Tomar Pink"'Tomar Pink' ranunculus are gorgeous ruffly pink flowers growing to about 12" tall. I surrounded this design with this plant, broken up by the corner rosemaries. They are late spring bloomers as well, extending the display of this garden. Silver Ponyfoot: Silver pony foot is a wonderful gray-silver ground cover with small almost heart-shaped leaves. It's so easy care, too -- just pop 'em in the ground or in a container and away you go. Here I placed them all around the tulip heart -- it's a great way to add soft contrast while allowing the tulips to shine. So here's the giveaway fun: Just by leaving a comment on this blogpost, you will be entered to win a selection of each of the flower bulbs above from Longfield Gardens! It's that easy. In your comment, please say why a bulb garden honoring Breast Cancer Awareness is important to you -- are you honoring a loved one or yourself, or simply putting out a good vibe into the Universe? As an added bonus, I will also email the winner the scan of my design so he or she can create their own Bulb Garden in honor of breast cancer awareness, plus a copy of my upcoming book The Cancer Survivor's Garden Companion: Cultivating Hope, Healing & Joy in the Ground Beneath Your Feet (January 2016). I am a firm believer in the power of the garden to heal and restore hope and balance -- I've seen it happen in my own life as well as the lives of family and friends. I hope that these gorgeous bulbs from Longfield Gardens, the design and my book can help one person find added joy in their own garden! The giveaway starts Monday October 26, 2015 and ends midnight Friday October 30. I'll choose a winner randomly and notify them via email -- please remember to include your contact information when you leave your comment! I'd hate for you to not win because I couldn't get a hold of you. Thank you so much for supporting breast cancer awareness -- I hope this is not your own personal journey, but if it is, I pray your garden (with these bulbs) can ease your experience and bring you healing and joy.

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  1. Sophie Robinson says

    What a delightful collection. Fresh, feminine and perfectly captures everything that makes the garden in spring so magical

  2. says

    My grandmother had breast cancer. She was a special sort of awesome — always giving to others. She loved flowers – beyond loved flowers – her home was filled with rose scented soaps and flowery curtains, and they were all pink. Somehow, having a bulb garden like this would remind me that there is something more important to connect with — helping women with breast cancer is a part of that. I know my grandmother would be inspired by this design.



  3. Vicki Salagan says

    This is such an awesome idea! I love that it’s for breast cancer awareness and all the thought that Jenny put into what flowers she would use and why. I myself am a breast cancer survivor and I belong to a group of wonderful woman whom are all in a different part of their journey though it. I also fundraise for breast cancer and the hope to finish the fight to find a cure! This is what I strive for.

  4. says

    Beautiful design! I love ‘Angelique’ tulips! And I especially love Longfield Gardens bulbs. They’re some of the biggest and healthiest bulbs I’ve ever seen. Great giveaway calling attention to a great cause!

  5. Anna Langston says

    gardens and flowers always remind me of a dear friend (YOU!) who helped me design my first garden. Whether I win the drawing or not, I always think of you in my garden 🙂 Bulbs would add a bright beauty to my space and be a sweet way to honor others I know that have had this disease. I like that they come up every year, too!

  6. Jennie Brooks says

    I want to honor all cancer patients/survivors. We have lost a lot of family to various cancers and brain tumors. Thx

  7. Michelle says

    Living in the Midwest (loved your talk last night @Reiman), bulbs are one of our first signs of spring. After a long winter it gives us hope. Shout out to my friend Cindy a breast cancer survivor. And remembrance of my bubba.

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