Wellness & Gardening on Podcast Interview

Wellness & Gardening

A couple of weeks ago I was the guest on Mike Podlesny's Vegetable Gardening Podcast, where we talked about wellness & gardening, garden design, The Cancer Survivor's Garden Companion. Mike's wife is also a cancer survivor, and we had an instant understanding of that difficult journey when we got on the phone together. I know that not everyone has had cancer, but everyone has had or will have stress, grief, depression, anxiety or illness. Maybe not all of those issues, but without question, none of us get through life without experiencing some difficulties. It's why I wrote this book -- to help people and inspire them to use their gardens to heal. My yoga deck with tropical wellness garden.   Mike asked me what my favorite space was in my garden, and without a doubt, it's my yoga deck garden. When I think of wellness & gardening, this is the first spot that comes to mind. Because my fiance built it for me after I finished cancer treatment, it's an intensely personal garden area for me. And since we created the lush tropical garden around it, it's inviting, enveloping and serene. What spaces do you have in your garden for wellness, hope and healing? How do you use it? What inspired you? Leave a comment -- it might inspire others to do the same! Gardeners are the most generous people, and we are all in this together, so if we can help each other out, it's a beautiful thing.

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