Infused Water

Infused Water

Infused Water Is All The Rage

Good Wellness Wednesday to you! For quite some time I have been slicing up fruit and other botanicals to put into my drinking water, and lately someone has given it a fancy name — infused water. I think we naturally like things that sound fancy, but this really isn't fancy, or complicated, or difficult. I just think it tastes good, and anything that can get me to drink more water every day is a plus in my book! water infused with lemon and strawberry I want to caution my readers about the health benefits, though — sometimes you'll see references to "detox" water and the like, but I don't recommend viewing infused waters as "detox," whatever that means. I've done some reading, and the amount of fruit or plant material that you would have to add to water to actually have a definable health benefit (aside from the water itself) is enormous. So, I urge you to think of infused waters as refreshing, tasty ways to increase your daily water intake. A personal note — because I have lymphedema from my breast cancer surgery, staying hydrated with water is very important — it's a part of my overall strategy to keep this chronic condition managed, so this is a big reason behind why I make infused waters. I make infused water almost daily. My friend, Todd, calls it my "spa water." Here's how I do it: slice strawberries and lemons Start with your fruit or herb selection. If you are making a single serving in a glass, a few slices of citrus or other fruit, or a small handful of herbs will do it. I like to make a larger quantity so that everyone in my house can enjoy it. This time, I decided to do a Strawberry-Lemon water. Infused water in a large drink dispenser Place the fruit in your container — glass, pitcher, or drink dispenser like I have here — add water and some ice cubes to chill it, then wait about 30 minutes for the fruit to infuse into the water. Drink and enjoy! Wait, it's really that simple? Yes, it is. Here are some tips I've learned along the way, though:
  • The longer you let the water sit, the stronger the taste.
  • After a couple of hours, remove the fruit and put it in your compost bucket. You can eat it for the fiber, but it tastes just like watered-down fruit.
  • If you leave the fruit in overnight, it will often start to spoil and make the water cloudy and taste icky.
  • Once water is infused, put it in the refrigerator or keep it on the counter to encourage drinking it as you pass by. Because I make it nearly every day, I leave it on the countertop.

Great Infused Water Combos

  • Citrus — Lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, or a combination of all. This is my go-to favorite.
  • Berry — Strawberries work well, as do raspberries. I haven't found blueberries to infuse particularly well.
  • Herb — Mint, basil, rosemary, thyme, and lavender are my faves. I haven't tried cilantro, but I bet the bit of spiciness would be a kick.
  • Cucumber — Now, this is really spa water! So refreshing, too.
  • Mixes — Try lime & mint, lemon & lavender, strawberry & lemon, cucumber & mint...whatever sounds good to you!
I recently found this blog that is all about infused waters — an entire blog! I haven't read all of her posts, but she seems to uplift the refreshing aspect of infused water as I do, so I feel comfortable recommending it. If you like infused water and make your own, tell me which combos you like the best — I'm always experimenting!

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