National Book Lovers Day

National Book Lovers Day

Book Lovers Unite!

Guess what? It's National Book Lovers Day! And you know, as an author myself, I love books. I can't go a day without reading from one, no lie. I read every night before I go to bed. Sometimes it's a garden book, while other times it's self-help or good crime thriller. So in honor of National Book Lovers Day, I'm going to tell you what my favorite books are right now (and yes, I've read them all) -- and it's an eclectic bunch.
  1. The Cancer Survivor's Garden Companion by Jenny Peterson
The Cancer Survivor's Garden Companion book cover - National Book Lovers Day You didn't seriously think I wouldn't mention my own book, did you? Hey, if I don't believe in my own book, no one else will, either. More to the point, I believe in the power of nature, plants, and gardens to heal and to help us create balance and a sense of joy, which is why I wrote my book The Cancer Survivor's Garden Companion. Cancer survivor or not, we've all had rough patches in our lives, and nature teaches us how to manage them and thrive. I recommend this as a gift for someone you love going through cancer treatment or a tough time, as well as a donation to your local cancer treatment center for their library or infusion rooms. 2. Surge by Kelsey Lee Connors Surge book cover -- National Book Lovers Day Even I am surprised at this pick -- but only before I read it! Described as a "dystopian cyberpunk fantasy thriller," I originally only bought it to support a friend. It's not my usual genre, but as with music, I appreciate anything well done even if it's not my norm. Anyway, this book is superb -- first-time author Kelsey Lee Connors crafts an engaging tale that I could literally not put down. Sort of futuristic but back in the Depression era -- it works because it's fantasy, and because Connors can write. Highly recommend! 3. Crucial Conversations by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan and Al Switzler Crucial Conversations book cover -- National Book Lovers Day I'm a big believer in communicating as clearly as I can. Sometimes I hit my mark while other times I'm laughably off-center. (Does it count that in my mind, I'm being clear?) When I saw this book on Amazon, it looked like a good read, and I wasn't wrong. So this book is for all of us who have had the thought, "Dang it! If only I'd said XYZ when I was talking with Mom/my husband/my boss" -- which is literally all of us. We can get so caught up in the heat of the moment that all communication skills go out the window, leaving us with regrets. Great book, and I'll read it again. 4. What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty What Alice Forgot book cover -- National Book Lovers Day   Liane Moriarty is my new favorite author. How did I not know about her before this year? I won't spoil it for you, but this book is about Alice, who learns in a very unusual way what is important to remember and focus on in life. Moriarty's books are funny, touching, well-written, and depict everyday people in everyday circumstances. 5. The War of Art by Steven Pressfield The War of Art book cover -- National Book Lovers Day This book by Pressfield is a classic, but it was new to me when I picked it up a few months ago. We all have that voice in our head that tells us why we can't do something -- yeah, I'm not a fan of that voice. As a designer and a writer, that voice often stills my creativity until I'm stuck in a black cesspool of crappy thoughts. This book identifies Resistance as the thing that holds us back and gets in our way -- and it helps us see how to channel our energy, unblock fears, and kick Resistance to the curb. I'm also not usually a fan of "war" talk because I'm kind of a hippie girl at heart, but this book really spoke to me. What are your favorite books? Right now? Of all time? What genres do you like best? Have you read any of the ones I suggested? Leave a comment!

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