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Are you like me? Have you spent large chunks of time trying to figure out balance so you can have a life of wellness, health and joy? You're not alone! One thing I know for sure is that everything is connected and everything is a process. For me, the natural world of plants and animals helps to keep me sane and grounded — so this is a place where we talk about gardening, healthy recipes, urban farming, yoga, and all sorts of other things that make you excited about your life.

Living a little closer to the land — wherever you are — and finding your center is what it's all about. I'm so happy you're joining me on this journey!

-- Jenny


Heck Yes I want to Breathe!

Wellness is a lot easier if you have. . . wait for it. . . air!

Good thing I made you a super cool and FREE "Breathe" coloring page that will guide you through deep breathing exercises while you color.

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