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Why should I listen to you anyway?

I'm just like you — I get up every day and try to do the best I can to make a life I'm proud of and that feels good to me. I make mistakes. Lots of them. But I know how to regroup and reset myself, and I can help you do that, too. Oh, and if you're into degrees, I have one in psychology, another in theology, and I was trained as a Master Gardener. So there's that.

What's your philosophy?

That is a really good question. I believe that nature is medicine, and the best teacher. That life is imperfect but beautiful. That perfection is not attainable, but balance is. That laughter & gratitude are imperative for happiness & wellness. That I have a choice, every day. That I have a body, a mind, and a spirit, and they all need tending to.

And that fresh food, sunshine, animals, and nature remind me of all of these things, every single day.  And that cocktails are yummy.

Can you create a custom presentation for my event, or do I have to choose from the presentations you have?

I love creating custom presentations! Each group is different, each event is unique, and I can tailor my talk to your needs. However, good custom presentations take time to create, so be sure to email me by clicking the link below as soon as you know when your event will be and to secure a spot in my speaking schedule. Otherwise, I do have standard presentations that you and your group can choose from.

How do you charge for your services?

That depends upon what I am doing. 

For Design Services: I have a set design fee structure, and installation estimates are based upon my designs. There is a $75.00 consult fee for the first visit.

For Speaking Engagements: I have a fee structure for speaking engagements as well.  Presentations and keynote addresses that are outside of Austin, Texas require travel and accommodations (if applicable) to be covered. 

Do you have all the answers?

Not even close! And if you think that sounds insecure, think again — anyone who tells you that they have all the answers is being disingenuous, and you should run as fast as you can in the other direction. What I have is not all the answers, but years of life experience, a couple of degrees, and a good dose of common sense and CALM. And I have the sense to not claim I know everything, and what I don't know, I can find out.

How do I get a refund?

We're unable to accept refunds or returns for digital products due to the nature and format of these products and the irrevocable access once they are delivered. If you have any problems accessing the files, please hit "reply" from your purchase email and we'll correct it ASAP. 


Wellness is a whole lot easier when you're breathing!

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