2019 Goals {Printable}

2019 Goals {Printable}

Happy New Year, everyone! So, I can’t say I’m really a “New Year’s Resolution” kind of girl — there’s enough psychology out there to show why they rarely work, and I’ve certainly never pulled one off to completion. But goals, on the other hand? I’m all about those.

For me, it starts with visualizing — if I can’t visualize something, then it just ain’t gonna happen. From there, I write it down. Not on my computer, on for real paper. And I also like things to look nice because then I want to use them more. So, of course I created a cute 2019 Goals printable for us!

Here’s how I’d do it:

  1. Click either the image above or the link above it, and download the printable.

  2. Print it out.

  3. Now take some quiet time with a hot bevvie (or an adult bevy — this is serious stuff here) and really think about what your goals are. Make them concrete and specific.

  4. Write down your goal for each topic, or add your own at the end.

  5. Now, choose one goal, close your eyes, and meditate on it. Picture it in your head, think about what it would feel like to achieve it, and imagine the kind of person you need to be to achieve this goal. (This is the most important step to me — I go into as much detail as I can in my head, and picture everything).

  6. Finally, put it in a place where you will see it often — on your desk, by your bed, on the wall, wherever. You can’t focus on it if it’s out of sight.

  7. Read it daily and choose a new goal to focus on.

Tip: Some goals are small (learn to bake bread) while others are huge (learn Chinese, start a business, pay off debt) — the key is to make consistent progress every week no matter how big or small the goal is. Do not aim for perfection — aim for progress instead. Perfect is the death of every goal. It’ll never be perfect, and that is okay.

Some of my goals include learning how to make macarons (yes, I know, that was my 2018 summer goal. What can I say.), creating an online course (you’ll hear more about that mid-year), setting better boundaries in my relationships, and getting back into my yoga routine.

I hope you find this helpful! Leave a comment and let me know one goal you have for yourself in the New Year — I’d love to be able to cheer you on!

Be well!


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