Summertime Hygge

I know — I bet you thought hygge was just a winter thing, right? Nope! Hygge is a year-round lifestyle of being present, noticing your surroundings, and creating mindfulness. It’s a Scandinavian concept that we Americans have successfully butchered into a meaningless goal of surrounding yourself with cozy “things.”

Don’t get me wrong — I love cozy things, and cozy things can help to create that mood or atmosphere that we all love. But hygge is much more than “things” — it’s a lifestyle of mindfulness, gratitude, and joy.

My family is of Scandinavian descent, but I was born and raised in the United States, so the concept of hygge was unknown to me until a couple of years ago when it became the trendy new word. Fascinated, I consulted my SIL, Turid, who is a native Norwegian. She confirms the pronunciation as something akin to “hoo-gah” but admits, “That pronunciation is acceptable, but Americans find it very difficult to really say it correctly.” (She’s also kind of fascinated that we all find this so fascinating.)

Now, full disclosure — summer is not my favorite month. I live in Austin, Texas where summertime temps are 100+ degrees, and did I mention I’m of Scandinavian descent? I freaking melt in the summer, and come August/September, I’m toast. That being said, my wellness routine encourages me to look around and find something to be grateful for and joyful about, regardless of my environment.

So I made a Summer Bucket List for you and me — it’s just a way of remembering to celebrate small things, to commit to seasonal joy, and look around you and sift through for the good. Click on the image to get the download!

Be Well, and enjoy your summer! Better yet, drop a comment and let me know what lights up your summer!


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