Tower Garden Growing System

Tower Garden Growing System


This is the aeroponic growing system that I use right outside my back door in my herb garden! This system grows 20 plants aeroponically, using water and nutrients instead of soil to grow your fruits, veggies, and herbs. Note: Price is split into 12 managable monthly payments of $45.25 with a $50 flat rate shipping fee added to the first order.

Why do I LOVE this product?

  • takes up less than 3 square feet — perfect for small spaces like apartments and rooftops

  • can be used indoors or outdoors

  • No soil = no weeds

  • grows up to 30% more food, 3x faster, and using up to 90% less water (awesome if you live in drought-stricken areas like I do)

  • made of UDSA-approved, UV-stabilized food-grade plastic

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